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Bayside Detailing

Interior Cleaner

Interior Cleaner

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Bayside Detailing Interior Cleaner is an extremely versatile product, suitable for use on all interior surfaces and materials.

The advanced surfactant technology is unequaled in cleaning your vehicles interior. safely rejuvenating and restoring neglected surfaces, leaving behind a clean, fresh and natural finish!

Product Benefits:
. Versatile formula
Safe on all surfaces
. Leaves a natural finish
1. Shake well before use and wear protective gloves
2. Spray product directly to a microfibre cloth or detailing brush
3. Gently agitate the product into a lather to exfoliate the surface
4. Remove residue and buff dry with a second, clean microfibre cloth
5. Repeat if necessary

Do not allow product to dry
Store in a cool, dry place
. Use within 12 months of opening

Top Tip:
. For best results, use with our Bayside Detailing Interior Cloth.
. Dashboards and Door Cards
. Steering Wheels and Driver Controls
. Leather
. Fabric
. Vinyl and Plastic
. Alcantara and other delicate materials
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