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Bayside Detailing

Quick Detailer Bundle

Quick Detailer Bundle

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Our Bayside Detailing Quick Detailer Bundle gives you all the tools to put the finishing touches to your detail. Our easy to use Quick Detailer comes complete with one of each of our specialist detailing cloths to cater for your application, whether it be door shut wipe-downs or removing fingerprints from the most delicate of surfaces!. It’s all in the details!

For more information on each product check out each tab.

The cloths in this bundle are reusable (depending if used on coatings or not) and washable. For details of how to care for your cloths, visit each web page individually as washing procedure varies cloth to cloth.
Bayside Detailing Quick Detailer is your perfect last step protection product.

The easy to use formula makes light work of removing dust, fingerprints and water marks from your vehicles paint, glass, wheels and trim, whilst laying down durable protection. It can be used as a standalone product or double as a drying aid for extra lubrication and gloss during the drying process.

Plus, it can be layered to offer increased levels of gloss and protection!

Product Benefits:
. Easy to use
. Cleans and Protects
. Safe on all paint types and finishes

1. Shake well before use
2. Spray into a lint free microfibre cloth and directly to the surface
3. Spread product uniformly across the surface
4. Buff to a high shine with a second, clean microfibre cloth
Our General Purpose Cloths define the perfect balance between performance and price.

These durable 250 GSM Microfibre Cloths cater for a variety of uses where traditionally a higher quality cloth would be unnecessary or potentially spoilt during use – for example, use in door shuts, engine bays and more heavily soiled areas of your vehicle or application! However, these cloths are still of a high enough quality to be safe on all delicate surfaces too!
Our class-leading Premium Microfibre Cloths strike the perfect balance between performance and versatility. Safe for use on all surfaces and materials.

These advanced 300 GSM Microfibre Cloths utilize the advance ultra-split technology to provide the highest levels of absorbency and softness, making them the perfect choice for use with Quick Detailers; Ceramic Sealants; Ceramic Coatings: Polishes and Waxes!
Our Ultimate Cloth. Safe for use on even the most delicate surfaces and materials – these cloths boast the pinnacle of microfibre technology, performance and versatility.

Super Soft and Absorbent, these cloths serve to help put the finishing touches to your detail, especially when using interior and exterior detailing sprays when delicacy is of the upmost requirement.
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