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Bayside Detailing



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Bayside Detailing Shampoo has been specially formulated to be tough on dirt, but kind on sealants, waxes and coatings.

The use of advanced surfactant and lubrication technology ensures dirt particles are fully broken down and suspended in the luxurious foam during the contact wash process - this helps to reduce gloss-killing marring and swirls, keeping your vehicle looking its best for longer!

Product Benefits:
Deep Cleaning Technology
. Does not degrade Sealants, Waxes and Coatings
. Safe on all paint types and finishes
1. Shake well before use
2. Add 50ml into a 20L bucket and fill with water
3. Wash the vehicle from top to bottom using the two bucket method
4. Rinse your car thoroughly to remove all surfactants
5. Dry vehicle

. Use out of direct sunlight
. Do not allow product to dry
. Store in a cool, dry place
. Use within 12 months of opening Product

Top Tip:
. For best results, use with our Bayside Detailing Wash Mitt.
. Gloss
. Satin and Matte Paint
. Vinyl
. All Wheel Types and Finishes
. Glass and Trim
. Convertible Roofs
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