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Bayside Detailing

Wash Bundle

Wash Bundle

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Our Bayside Detailing Wash Bundle contains everything you need for a deep, safe clean. Included in the Kit is our Snow Foam to cut through the grime as your pre-wash stage, our Shampoo and Wash Mitt for the gentle but effective contact wash and our Drying Towel as the last piece of the puzzle. Grab your bundle today and experience the Bayside difference!

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The Wash Mitt and Drying Towel in this bundle are reusable and washable. For details of how to care for your cloth and accessory visit each page individually as washing procedure varies.
Bayside Detailing Snow Foam has been developed to break down even the toughest road grime, without damaging your vehicle's protection.

With its long dwell time, the thick foam works safely and effectively to emulsify all the traffic film, removing as much contamination as possible to prepare your vehicle for the contact wash stages - without the use of aggressive chemicals.

Product Benefits:
. High Foam
. Long Dwell Time
. Gentle but effective formulation

1. Shake well before use
2. Add 100ml product to 900ml water (1:10) in your snow foam lance
3. Spray foam onto your vehicle, working from bottom to top
4. Allow product to dwell for 3-5 mins
5. Rinse your car thoroughly to remove all surfactants
Bayside Detailing Shampoo has been specially formulated to be tough on dirt, but kind on sealants, waxes and coatings.

The use of advanced surfactant and lubrication technology ensures dirt particles are fully broken down and suspended in the luxurious foam during the contact wash process - this helps to reduce gloss-killing marring and swirls, keeping your vehicle looking its best for longer!

Product Benefits:
. Deep Cleaning Technology
. Does not degrade Sealants, Waxes and Coatings
. Safe on all paint types and finishes

1. Shake well before use
2. Add 50ml into a 20L bucket and fill with (maybe warm) water
3. Wash the vehicle from top to bottom using the two bucket method
4. Rinse your car thoroughly to remove all surfactants
5. Dry vehicle
Our High Quality, Super Soft Wash Mitts are perfect for use on all surfaces and materials to provide a safe, deep clean when paired with our Shampoo!

They hold a higher volume of wash solution than other wash mitts providing higher levels of lubrication, while the deep pile microfibre removes and encapsulates contamination from your vehicles surface, reducing the risk of marring and swirls.
Our Drying Towels are of the highest quality materials and are safe and effective for use on all surfaces.

The thick, 1000 gsm pile has a naturally high level of water absorption and retention, making it the most efficient cloth for drying even the largest of vehicles.

The hem used on these cloths are ultra-soft and are made from the same microfibre material from the cloth so that they will not scratch or damage any surfaces during use.
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