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Bayside Detailing

Water Spot Remover

Water Spot Remover

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Bayside Detailing Water Spot Remover is a revolutionary product formulated to neutralise and dissolve harmful mineral deposits left behind by dried out water droplets on your vehicle's surfaces. This Water Spot Remover forms part of our core decontamination range, designed to tackle even the toughest build up as part of your pre-detail preparation or deep clean maintenance wash.

Our Water Spot Remover can be used on even the toughest build up of limescale in your home too!

Product Benefits:
. Fast Acting Formula
. Coating, Wax and Sealant Safe
. Long Working Time
1. Shake well before use and wear protective gloves
2. Spray onto microfibre cloth
3. Agitate area until contamination is removed
4. Buff or rinse off thoroughly
5. Repeat if necessary on heavily contaminated areas

. Do not use in direct sunlight
. Store in a cool, dry place (above 5 degrees)
. Use within 12 months of opening

Top Tip:
. For best results, pair with our Bayside Detailing General Purpose Cloths
. Paint, Glass, PPF and Vinyl
. Coatings, Sealants and Waxes
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