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Bayside Detailing

Wheel Cleaner

Wheel Cleaner

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Bayside Detailing Wheel Cleaner is a bespoke formulation designed to cut through all of the contamination that builds up on your wheels. The advanced detergents work hard to break down even the toughest road grime and brake dust, while foaming surfactants lift and trap the dirt particles providing maximum cleaning function and helps keep your wheels looking their best.

Despite its high performance, our Wheel Cleaner is perfectly safe to use on all wheel types and finishes, and will not degrade sealants, waxes and coatings!

Product Benefits:
. Deep Clean Formula
. Safe on all Wheel Types
. Does Not Degrade Sealants, Waxes or Coatings
1. Shake well before use
2. Spray directly onto your wheels and tyres, ensuring all areas are covered
3. Allow to dwell for 3-5 minutes
4. Rinse thoroughly
5. Repeat or agitate as necessary for heavily soiled wheels

. Use out of direct sunlight
. Ensure surface is cool to the touch
. Do not allow product to dry
. Store in a cool, dry place (above 5 degrees)
. Use within 12 months of opening

. All wheel types and finishes
. Sealants, waxes and coatings
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